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Stages International (Adult Maturity and Development) certified for Coaching and psychotherapy and Debriefer for Stages Assessment, Leadership Circle, Integral Coaching Canada (ICCP-2)



I grew up in the UK, and after graduating with a law degree, l travelled to India for six months.

During this time I was fortunate to meet some extraordinary yogis with whom I discovered meditation and my first glimpses of true nature. For the first time in my life I felt totally complete, whole and connected to the sacredness of life and all beings in a way that I had never imagined possible. This experience of awakening to something more essential nearly 30 years ago was so profound, I felt inspired to devote my life to understanding, practising, and deepening what I had discovered and uncovered. 

I moved to Australia in 1993 where I studied Naturopathy and Holistic Counselling for six years, followed by a three year Masters in Psychotherapy. Meanwhile committing to years of intensive meditation practice and spiritual studies. I then worked as a psychotherapist for the next 20 years seeing hundreds of clients from all around the world applying an integrative approach to assist them in waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing up. During this time I continued to seek out world-renowned mentors and teachers.

In addition, I am also trained in Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine’s trauma work), Integral Coaching Canada, Mondo Zen, Enneagram, EFT, and Brainspotting as well as many other modalities.

I have now spent three decades of delving deeply and grappling with this subject matter and it has become clear to me that both spiritual awakening and psychological transformation are essential to come into ones full potential as a human being. My passion lies in teaching and guiding others to bring their full selves on line and deepen their capacity to be present and connected. I now live between Sydney and Waiheke Island (NZ) with my husband and adult children that come and go. 

I work in a range of ways -  individual and couple sessions, as well as intensives, meditation courses, and retreats.


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