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Discover transformative courses designed to foster personal growth and healing. Dive into intimate group experiences and immersive workshops, tailored to deepen your self-discovery journey.

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Radiant Being

(The integration of Psychotherapy and Embodied spiritual realisation)

For 6 women, 75 min, 6 sessions $600 AUD 


Here we will be gathering in a community of 6 women for deep healing and Embodied psychological transformation. We will be enhancing self-compassion and the capacity to relax into Meditative Awareness. 

In this intimate group of women we will come together to explore the full nature of an embodied soulful spirituality which includes the fields of psychotherapy, the body and the nervous system, the study of trauma as well as some of the teachings of the yogis, mystics, alchemists and shamans.

Over the course of these 6 sessions we will take a deep dive into the heart ,the mystery and the unknown. Supporting one another as we deepen and recommit to our own unique paths of authenticity, transformation and healing. 

12th Nov 24 

26th Nov 24

10th Dec 24 

4th Feb 25 

11th Feb 25 

25th Feb 25 

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