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Individual Sessions

I have been a psychotherapist now for more than twenty years helping hundreds of people connect more fully with themselves and lead more authentic and

fulfilling lives.


In my individual sessions, I specialise in releasing underlying trauma in the psyche and nervous system and connecting people to their innate capacity to thrive. We also work on growing the emotional, somatic, interpersonal and cognitive lines of intelligence as well as increasing the capacity for awareness, and witnessing and releasing patterns of thinking and emotions.

I draw on range of different techniques which over the years I have integrated to best suit a clients needs. They include NARM, Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting, DARE, Stages (Adult Development), Enneagram, Big Mind, and Mondo Zen. These are powerful cutting edge integrative methods.

I work with clients to pace sessions that work best for them, from twice a week to once a month to whenever is needed.

Couple's Therapy

I have worked with many couples over the last 20 years helping them to grow and integrate mind and body for long-lasting relationships. We first look at understanding your partners as well as your own brain and attachment style and look at how to build a secure relationship and how to enhance mutual regulation and connection. We look at enhancing and consolidating the principles of security, trust and mutual respect as well as growing to meet the needs of our partner as well as our own.

In these sessions I see the couple as my client and my main focus is on creating a secure attachment unless it is clear the couple are wanting to part ways and then the focus is on how to make this transition with consciousness especially when children are involved. My main influences in couple therapy have come from Stan Tatkin, John Gottman and Robert Augustus Masters work as well as Ester Perel, Terry Real, Reggie Ray and Diana Richardson.

Executive Coaching

Executive Integral Coaching refers to a way of coaching that is whole, complete and integrated. The way I work includes frameworks and developmental principles based on globally recognised Integral Theory. This creates a systematic approach to change that is embodied and long-lasting. We work on developing a more effective inner operating system and as capacities are enhanced you can develop more ease and fluency in a world that is increasingly more complex.


These are tailor-made retreats for individuals and couples on the beautiful island of Waiheke (35 minutes by Ferry from Auckland NZ). I recommend 3 to 5 days but they can also be arranged for shorter or longer stays by request.


We work together in a morning and afternoon session which are about 3 hours each. We can also add meditation free of charge, and if you want a more holistic retreat, Ayurvedic massage and personalised yoga for an extra cost. The investment covers the sessions and accommodation with stunning sea views and access to a pristine bay.


This format is a highly effective way to unwind unhealthy patterns and do deep transformational work. This can lead to profound shifts and sustainable change.

Prerequisite to an intensive is a 1 hour consultation via Zoom to see if an intensive is the right next step.


For more information about Waiheke Island, click here

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