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Natalie Lascelles


Natalie Lascelles, Integral Somatic Psychotherapy, meditation, and developmental coach.

About Natalie

Natalie Lascelles is an Integrative Somatic Psychotherapist and Developmental coach. She is committed to supporting individuals, couples and groups on a journey of inner transformation. Holding the paradox of moving towards your fuller potential whilst relaxing into the wholeness of who you already are. Her work is an invitation to live life in a more authentic, resonant and meaningful way. This supports more fulfilling and intimate relationships with life, self, and other. For nearly three decades she has provided a safe and compassionate space to clients all over the world for self-exploration and development. The essence of her work is in facilitating others on a psychological, soulful and spiritual journey, that is grounded, embodied and relationally fulfilling.

"Meeting ourselves and each other at the edge of comfort, befriending our cracks, we allow the emergence of the new."

- Bayo Akomolafe 


Begin your journey to wholeness.

Embark on a transformative journey with Natalie. Explore healing in group retreats, intimate gatherings, or personalized one-on-one or couples intensives. Delve into deep healing, wisdom cultivation, and self-discovery. Join Natalie for a journey of profound change and collective healing in these pivotal times.

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Individual Sessions

Natalie has empowered countless individuals to connect deeply with themselves and lead authentic, fulfilling lives. In her personalised sessions, she specialises in releasing underlying trauma, fostering thriving capacities, and enhancing emotional, somatic, interpersonal, and cognitive intelligence.

Couple's Sessions

Natalie specialises in a psychobiological approach to Couples Therapy. She offers  practical skills to guide couples towards secure functioning . With the research in developmental neuroscience, attachment theory and arousal regulation she will help you learn to collaborate more effectively and have each other’s backs. You will be learning healthy differentiation and how to navigate rupture and repair and betrayal. Natalie draws insights from experts like Stan Tatkin and John Gottman. 

Executive Coaching

Experience Executive Integral Coaching with Natalie, a holistic and integrated approach to coaching. Drawing on globally recognised Integral Theory, Natalie employs frameworks and developmental principles for lasting change. Together, clients develop a more effective inner operating system, enhancing capacities for ease and fluency in today's complex world.

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"Natalie is life changing. She is the smartest woman I know and every time I leave a session with her I feel lighter, happier, and more content."

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Park Point, Waiheke Island
Auckland, New Zealand

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