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My next luxury retreat will be March 20-26, 2023. Expect to be powerfully moved, touched, and inspired to relax into a more wholesome and wholehearted relationship with life, yourself and others. This experience will invite you to reach new insights, dissolve old patterns, and build a more alive and engaged presence so you can more fully take your seat in the world as a powerful, vibrant and purposeful human being.

The focus will be on embracing all of you just as you are, whilst dissolving habitual patterns and moving beyond self-improvement. I use a compassionate and integrative process that blends cutting-edge transformational psychology, somatic embodiment practices, and spiritual awakening. The result is uncovering and connecting you to your essence as well as nurturing your unique human expression of that essence. The collective field, and seeing and being seen as we are by others on this retreat is profound.

The retreat also includes daily yoga with a highly experienced yoga teacher, regular meditation, walks and swimming. The luxury accommodation and delicious healthy vegetarian food are inclusive in the price. Whilst this retreat is intense and deep, it is also nourishing, playful, and a lot of fun. Click the PDF below to view the retreat flyer with more information.


$4,950 AUD (inclusive of GST)


Price includes luxury accommodation, daily yoga sessions, and delicious, organic vegetarian food.


(Retreat testimonials can be found here.)

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